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'Of the Quarry' at the Artist Trust

'Of the Quarry' watercolor on paper, 14" x 13
This drawing will be auctioned off at the Artist Trust 2015 Benefit Art Auction! The event will be held on March 7th at the Seattle Center. Please follow this link for more information

Nomination for City Artwalk Award

Thursday, Jan. 8, 7-11pm at  Capitol Hill's Sole Repair
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I have the great honor of being nominated for the Winter Artwalk Award! Many thanks to the jurors for their selections. Other nominees are Sean M. Johnson, Susannah Bluhm Callahan, Devon Midori Hale, 
Ben Hirschkoff, Romson Regarde Bustillo, Katy Stone, Megumi Shauna Arai, and Tim Cross.

The awards will be decided by vote: the three artworks that bring in the most votes will receive cash prizes ($1,000 first place, $500 second place, $250 third place) and the first-place artwork will be featured in the February issue of City Arts magazine. (Votes must be placed in-person.)

'Loose Weave', watercolor and colored pencil cut from cream paper, 11 x 8 inches, 2014
Nominated by Laura Elizabeth Becker

Sketches from Zion

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While traveling through Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, I was struck by the completely different geological environments compared to what I was used to here in the Pacific Northwest. At home, I examine life by calculating the age of trees, the density of topsoil, and water. In the desert, time is to be calculated on a much larger scale: trees are in the hundreds of years old while stone and it's sand, is in the thousands-to-millions. It was shock enough to be surrounded by a landscape of red instead of green, and then to consider the expanded calendar of Earth- it was astounding. 

In these sketches, I look to the physical structures of stone, it's formation, its 'strata of reveal', how it succumbs to erosion, and my own relationship with time.

Happy New Year

2014 was a year of great opportunities, fabulous collaborations, new mediums, and great people. Thank you all for your support and encouragement! The whole year's worth of work can be seen here, on my fresh website: