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'periapt' installation on view at carkeek park as part of CoCA's 'Heaven on Earth' exhibition

Upcoming Video Exhibition

Join us at the Northwest Film Forum on Friday Sept. 5th for "Take Three," an evening of new video and animation work by Seattle artists Barbara Robertson in collaboration with sound artist Johanna Melamed, Rick Bidlack, Tim MarsdenAllyce Wood Pete Fleming Liz TranStephanie Hargrave in collaboration with Robroy Chalmers, and Joseph Pentheroudakis

We will have two screenings, the first beginning at 8:00 pm and the second at 9:00pm, Friday September 5.

Admission is $3. Tickets can be purchased here: :

still from my piece 'unlit wick'

Transcript from "Speck on Speck on Speck"

Thanks to everyone who came out to Gasworks for my 'Speck on Speck on Speck' event! Please enjoy the following meditation, the final piece, from the talk- you can read my favorite pieces from the night after the jump.

look down
think of the slope of your neck as you’re doing so
calculate which point of breathe you are in
feel the stalks of your eyes rotate and tighten
blink if you need to
let your vision expand and refocus
take in the rest of you
the foreshortening of your pose
the feet so far away
think of all the strata of air and pollution and smells
between your lenses and the tops of your feet
96% of your entire being is between those two markers
the top of your head capping the diagram

think of your bodies full height
your shoulders, spine, and legs
the soles of your feet against your shoes against the ground

look across the lake- use your view finder to search out and frame a specific view of the city. harbor island. queen anne. the downtown core. block out the sky, natural features. focus on the information left behind. this perimeter is yours, but the information inside is a result of the efforts of hundreds of people, thousands. it is engineered in every facet. with the glowing lights and landmarks, streets, machines, homes, the framed image is proof of what we can do. It is a living video capturing current history.

everything in this frame has a life cycle: it will be updated, renovated, fixed, restored, demolished, re-built, marked as a landmark or memorial, ‘Proposed Land Use Action.’ After all that, or maybe even during, global warming’s rising water will creep in, removing certain layers. Natural phenomenon will settle in with earthquakes, volcanic action. even without the earth, celestial actions will eventually crush anything we now recognize.

if the earth continues to be a planet, there will be evidence of our current manufacturing for billions of years.

move your viewfinder away from the landmasses and up into the sky. remember what the telescope told you was out there; the detail, the life. as your framed vision travels across the sky, notice the color variation, the light pollution and smog, a veritable sky map of toxic or heavily populated areas.

in downtown seattle, the only time you can see true darkness is when looking into the center of the sound- the ring of lights and their refractors fringe the view of the flat black water.

to live in a place where even the sky is manufactured, tinged by industrial process is to complete the seal between us and the natural world.

'Speck on Speck on Speck' tonight!

From the Henry:
"In conjunction with the Henry’s presentation of Summer Field Studies, artist Allyce Wood will be hosting a one-night meditation and star gazing session at Seattle’s Gasworks Park. Joined by members of the Seattle Astronomical Society, Wood will lead participants in a reading and thought experiment that will explore our scale against the twinkling lights of the city and stars beyond.

Telescopes provided courtesy of the Seattle Astronomical Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting all aspects of amateur astronomy for the benefit of its members and the general public. For more information visit"

rsvp to the event here:

photo courtesy of program lead Whitney Ford Terry