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Cornish College of the Arts BFA Show!

The class of 2010's Cornish College of Arts BFA SHOW is now underway! Thanks to all who came out this last Friday; your conversation and excitement was well appreciated. For those of you who have not yet come by, please do! You will find extraordinary work by 35 emerging artists, all of whom uniquely engage video, painting, photography, multimedia, sculpture, performance, soft-craft, documentaria, and more. I am sure you will be thrilled.

As for my own work, it can be found within the Black Box Theater on the ground floor. Please take the time to enjoy, take a postcard for a memento, and sign my guestbook. I will be in contact in the future with more events and happenings!

The show is open on weekdays until the 29th of May, from 12-5. 

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