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on the left:
ink on paper, plaster form, canvas wrapped wood base

on the right:
natural textiles (what we know)
plaster form, canvas wrapped board, waxed cord and nails

These images document my work shown for Slated for Revision, a group sculpture show at Cornish College of the Arts' Main Gallery. The work are two variations of one idea: because humans are equipt with only race-derived "warmth devices" (i.e. manmade clothes) we can never bond fully with our biological ancestors. I have found awe and pleasure in studying of such materials (i.e. fur) and built these totem or memorial or beds as markation.

The original variation of this has been shown in Glasgow, as a part of the 30Days 30Artworks project by Alistair Gow and Helene Zakariassen Skulstad.

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