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fold, fly (a regenerable population)

this piece is a part of SOIL at ACT
Show dates from September through December 2010

ACT Theatre is located on Kreielsheimer Place 700 Union St Seattle WA 98101(the windows are visible from 7th Ave between Pike and Union and inside the theater)

this piece is composed of many elements; the acrylic-painted black and white photocopies (suspended by monofilament) as well as the color photocopies (that line the window sill) began as ink drawings. the large, chain-motif backdrop is vinyl. the widow stickers are colorfast ink on vinyl. the window is 10 feet high, 12 feet wide, and 18 inches deep. inside, the ‘birds’ extend outwards and to the ceiling another four feet.

to make your own bird or view more information on the project, go to my new blog:

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