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Re-admittance to Nature

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panorama of installation
close up of animation projected on cut paper installation (finished performance)

' concrete' etching, 'we asked them to return...' graphite drawing
solo works by allyce
scent component/sculpture
detail of 'Re-admittance to Nature' installation
'to catch a trapper'
   cropped detail of  my 'to catch a trapper' as well as installation projection detail; cut paper on projector
animation still from e.dughi's solo piece, 'hunt'

a sample (test) of e. dughi's animation for 'Re-Admittance to Nature'.

Performance Video Is Soon To Come

this show, entitled 'Re-Admittance to Nature' showcased the first ever collaboration between myself and e.dugh (cornish alum 2010). in it were several works including separate responses to our interpretations of what must be done and how we already assimilate into the wilderness as well as the central piece, 'Re-Admittance to Nature. 
     this piece was a site specific installation in which an animation (made by e. dughi) was projected through the 12' long window onto the alaskan-way viaduct, through my own hand cut paper elements. the opening included the performative installation of the paper; the additive covering acted as a screen to allow for more and more of the animation to be visible inside. 

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