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this december i have the privilege of being a part of SOIL's VS. THE MATADOR, Gift Shop! This show is based upon the current Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, and the Museum Shop therin. 

in it i have two works: the first being a collaboration with u.k. artist pete fleming (more of his work is to be found at

Incredulous Flag (prop for explanation)
silkscreen on muslin with wood and thread,
24"x 20" (when laid flat: dimensions vary)
an edition of 6 total 

this piece is a homage to those great moments of surprise, ones that may lead to an insightful conversation and new perspective.

these individual prints, entitled 'button-down' or 't-shirt' depending on their correlated images, are also to be included. 
etching with aquatint and sosaku hanga chine colle
2"x 4", 3 'button-downs' and 2 't-shirts' will be available.

the show opens thursday, december 2 at SOIL art gallery at  112 3rd Ave S! please go to for more information.

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