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'first glimpse'

'first glimpse' will be unveiled at the SAM Gallery this wednesday, the 12th of may, as part of the group show 'Introductions'.

mulitmedia installation involving silkscreen, cut paper, and wood

‘First Glimpse’ depicts a story told to the artist by her father: In 1972 he visited his father, who was working on the Wynoochee dam. On a solitary hike, he looked up spontaneously and met the gaze of a young cougar. “I was the first person he had ever seen- he didn’t know what to do with me.”

The strangeness of realizing that your first encounter with a plausibly dangerous animal while simultaneously realizing it is the predators first encounter with a human is one that is interesting, and in this modern world, fantastical. It is for these reasons that Wood chose to recreate the scene using methods of her own storytelling: life-sized prints and cut paper.

 for more information about 'Introductions' and the SAM Gallery, please click here

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