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here are two detail images of my piece, 'habitancy'. please join me for its opening this saturday the 16th from 4-7pm. (it is in the saran wrapped house at 723 Bellevue Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102)

Prior to salvage and/or relocation, a group of neighboring North Capitol Hill homes will be used by MadArt to create unique, site-specific installations. The Mad Homes artists will use exterior and interior spaces as their creative canvases for this three-week show. Unrestrained by conventional limitations, the artists will create dynamic art installations while working in a temporary space.

We encourage you either come by foot, bicycle, or bus. Parking is almost always occupied by the local residents. Here are some suggestions for public transportation:

Parking Location (11th Ave E. and E. Aloha St. - 0.5 miles)

If you have any questions, please email or visit

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  1. looks amazing, looking forward to seeing this in person!


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