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Mad Homes Away from Home

 Unraveling as Fault of Pressure
(String, Acetate, Ink and Graphite)
full view
left corner detail

Both pieces, Habitancy at Mad Homes and this, describe the temporality of residing/existing in one space. In the previous work, layers of cross-room string and intricate, full color wall drawing allow the fully realized silhouettes of dogs and people to vibrate in the space. The material tension is obvious, as is the fate of the house, allowing the viewer to consider just how long the characters will be allowed to 'stay'. Here, the gallery allows for an environment of artist selected symbols and materials to house the same characters. This abstracted scenario enables the figures to begin their fateful unravel.

this show took place at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery on the UW campus, August 2-6, 2011. for more information about the gallery, please follow this link: other artists included were Ryan Molenkamp, Amanda Manitach, Julie Haack, Troy Gua, and Luke Haynes.

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