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Messa a Fuoco (put in focus)

curated by Leah Messersmith, Jessica Rucinque, Luigi Mazziotti, and Michela Grillo
location- NABA- Nuova Acccademia di Belle Arti, Milano
opening- June 30th, 2011

this exhibit was part of a project conceived by A12 for NABA entitled "Star Museum". for more information about their current work- please visit


the project miniturized versions of many artists' work were set into beautiful mirrored balls which were then arranged into a cart. this gallery on wheels was displayed throughout campus.  each artwork had a tag with the info/artist/dimensions/origin/ and distance from italy of the artist stamped on them. (seattle is 5067 miles away from italy, approximately.)

messersmith describes the concept as a method in which to bring stars "closer" then their physical distance from the university in rome; stars in this case are the artists involved as well as deceased artists that inspired the project.


 original ink drawings from the series, 'identifying constellations' number 1 and number 4

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