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all images are watercolor on paper, click to enlarge


these drawings are a basic evaluation and imagining of one plausible ‘bonus cause’ of the extinction of north american megafauna. like the stories of native people’s hunting method of stampeding bison off of cliffs, ice age humans forced species such as the short-faced bear or irish elk off of the mainland onto ice flows and small islands. Then, they would wait for starvation to take over the herd, or butcher them. (fish in a barrel, these huge meal-sources had no place to run.)

(interesting fact- mammals weighing over 100 pounds are classified as megafauna; we’ve been a part of this classification for over 13,000 years.)

i considered tthat theory in relation to the isolation preserve tactics currently being used by environmentalists. the most precise counter example is the rothschild giraffes who have been literally transported by ship to inhabit a nigerian island for safekeeping. (see the article here.)

in both situations, humans are the driving force for the species collection and relocation, and are responsible for the ecosystem left behind.

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