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'Prospects' at the Steele Gallery

'thicket (bounty)' full installation


'Prospects' was curated by Lauren Klenow and ran from September 23-October 14 2011

'The astounding landscape of the Pacific Northwest has been the focus of many artworks and past exhibitions. Tied to this landscape are historical struggles for resources and stories of pioneers and adventurous spirits. Living in the long since settled west, the culminating point of many westward expeditions, Matt Browning, Justin Colt Beckman, Eli Hansen, Lauren Klenow, Whiting Tennis, and Brad Winchester and Allyce Wood exibit wors that ruminate on their connections to this landscape and investigate the curious spirit of the contemporary artist, reminiscent of the pioneer.'

For more information about the exhibit and about Gage Academy of Art (in which the Steele Gallery resides) see

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