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Window Installation on 3rd and University

'Dependent on Nearly Nothing'

Materials: silkscreens on vellum, binder clips, hardware, hand-tied string nets

This piece is part of SAM Galleries' upcoming show 'Contemplating Nature'. It spans a 12'x8'x6' window that is ground level with 3rd and University (kitty-corner to Benaroya Hall)- from inside the gallery you look up into the piece which illuminates nicely in the natural light.

Last May I showed 'First Glimpse' here: follow this link to see the piece!
"This recreation of the Epiphyte, or Air Plant, is born out of incessant identity comparisons.Air Plants fit our own classifications of ideal bodies. No matter what their current planted situation or their farmed history, they preserver through their lifecycle without losing grace: they remain green, stiff-petaled, and fruitful. As current society dictates, strong people are those who are perceived to be equally insusceptible to weakness: one must not express negativity, “luxuriate” in excess comfort, or rest from their working states. Both Air Plants and people take “secret” nutrients, though they greatly vary in terms of effectuality on the speceis' psyche. While the plant takes advantage of mineral particles passing by breezes and photosynthesize surplus sunshine, humans fall to a wider range of vices."

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