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Upcoming work in the NEPO 5K

'Polder (swamp moss)' drawing, mixed media on paper, 8x10"

After reading a stream in which two commenters argued global warming’s effects on Seattle ‘slow to start’ summer, I was struck by the argument ‘This is a Rainforest!’ This short sentence reflects our forgetfulness of the origins of our city as well as our proximity to what remains of the Hoh, and how both environments affect our climate.  By abstractly recreating and then applying elements of that first world back onto our city I will remind viewers both of the manufactured tomes that exist as well as what would have been, had we never interfered.)

This piece is to be made by wrapping various Telephone Poles with exaggerated moss images (such as the one above)  in a process similar to that band’s use in poster promotions. Some cut material will dangle and layers will build up in the same way that moss would, transforming the creosote pole into the tree it would have been.

For more information about The NEPO House and this Event (September 8th!) Please follow this link.

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