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'Polder' at the NEPO 5K

'Polder' as seen on 10th and King ST, Seattle WA as part of the NEPO 5K. The NEPO  5K is a city-wide art event put on by Klara Glosova, founder of NEPO House Gallery showcasing performances and work by over 100 local artists. For more information about the event, or to see the complete list of artists, please  click this link !!! There you will find press by City Arts Magazine, Seattle Magazine,and many more.

'Polder' is made of cut color photocopies of my drawings of local moss species. The 100+ pieces where stapled to a fresh-looking (i.e. not previously 'postered') telephone poll, graphically dragging the creosote pillar back to its original state as a member in the Hoh Rainforest.My intention was to speak both to the industrial processes used to create our city landscapes from raw living materials as well as the impossibility of accurately recalling timber's first life.

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