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Published in Yuck'n'Yum Winter 2012 Edition

Cover by Helen Flanagan

I am very pleased to have had a 'MicroSlime' drawing included in this season's Yuck'n'Yum- the work throughout is really extraordinary.(click here to see my piece 'Upwards')

Artists include Jessica Langley, Cos Ahmet, Susannah Stark, Anna Solal, Ben Robinson,Tara Chaloner, Emma Finn,Cameron McEwan, Matthew Scott Gualco,Islay Spalding, Catrin Jeans & Waffle Burger,Morgan Cahn, Wahj Jamjoom,Callum Monteith, and Hazel Gore.

Yuck ‘n Yum is a not-for-profit group based in Scotland. Free paper editions are available at launches, and are sent out to several galleries and distributors*. PDF versions are always available online for you to print out yourself. click here to get the PDF or to Read Online

*Analogue Books, Aye-Aye Books, Banner Repeater, GENERATORprojects, Good Press Gallery, Hannah Maclure Centre, Project Slogan, Star and Shadow Cinema, Superclub, The Collective Gallery, The Pipe Factory

click here to see the wonders who make it happen!

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