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Interwoven Fronds

'Interwoven Fronds' watercolor on paper, 27" x 30" framed
'Interwoven Fronds' is based upon my knowledge and understanding of textile fabrication; specific fibers are woven through others. Verticals cross horizontals. I know that these fibers can be constituted of organic or synthetic materials: in either case they must be pre-processed and collected- thus the stiff braids unravelling into mesh patterns in the center of the image.

Fabric's development mirrored our evolution to hairlessness: It is so intrinsic to our survival, culture, and individuality, it is a wonder that in our current age (even with the refurbished Makers Movement) it is an unpracticed process. Loom weaving and knitting are beloved, but the textiles made are products of a partial process; ordinary urban craftspeople don't collect and dry the hemp plants they've farmed, refine it, twist it into thread, and then loom their bed linen. Personal resources never equate to what is mass produced.

As with other pieces in 'Latent Utility, Present but Not Active Worth' on view at SOIL, my depictions of personal knowledge and desire to learn processes is a nostalgic surrender-my admiration of ancestors who developed and cultivated what we need to live is strong, but I am resolved to the fact there is no need for in-depth knowledge of such historic industries.

This piece is still available, and can be viewed until June 29th. Click here for show info.

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