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latent utility - present but not active worth

'garland' watercolor and graphite on rag, 2013 12" x 14"

my solo exhibition at SOIL Artist Run Gallery opens Thursday, June 6th 6-8pm through June 29th
Facebook Event Page here.

As our population turns coastal, and farming populations decrease, so does our understanding of
agriculture and what is needed to transform raw goods into consumables. By drawing fruit, fronds,and wood in various states of processing, their novelty and inherent beauty are enhanced while their 'final product' becomes mysterious. We are romanced by nature, and by what it can become under our control. Nostalgia is prioritized over the actual function of the harvest.

'dried' watercolor on rag, 2013 6"x8"

'overgrown restraint' colored pencil on rag, 2013 10" x 13"

'crosscut' watercolor on paper, 2013 9"x12"

'polarity' watercolor on paper, 2013, 9" x 12"

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