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MACROS at the Lo Fi Art Festival

This piece is comprised of eight flags, each with dimensions varying around twenty-four inches square, suspended from eight-foot tall wooden poles. Their individual images are acrylic paint on silver vinyl, designed to evoke folded and draped grass.

MACROS exists as a silent protest, a demarcation - a signpost of the actual - called to the very scenery in which it is staked. Unkempt grass is a sign of an unhygienic lawn, a space yet to be cultivated by man for their virtual leisure. Such trimmed spaces can act as a play-space for children, exceptionally cared-for areas can be used for sport, occasionally people will picnic or lay down to read. All these temporary occasions exist after the natural state of the earth has been revoked: the taming of the plants lead to the clearing of insects,  a variety of birds and other mammals who use the space for survival.

The sign's enlarged versions of the grass below speak to the complexity of it's species and the richness of it's form. Grass has no intentions except to gain ground covering and to produce seed. If its rally had a voice, it would be one of reedy proliferance.

This piece was part on the one-day Lo-Fi Arts Festival in Arlington WA, August 2013. 
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