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YARDWORK lecture with Emily Nachison

I was invited to speak about my work and process with fellow artist Emily Nachison on September 8th, with the support of Carolyn Hopkins and her organization YARDWORK in Portland Oregon.

For my presentation, I discussed the sculptures and work on paper I have been making over the last two years, and how my coinciding concepts have expanded over time. As always, my work is focused on humanity's often negagative impacts on nature, but as the art work involves, I incorporate social nostalgia for past agricultural projects, issues of value as applied to specific plants, and my newer engagement to more personal interests and ties to the natural world.

I also gave an explanation as to my methods of selecting particular mediums: it is very important for me to work in a material that is both environmentally sound (i.e. recyclable or biodegradable) as well as appropriate to the piece's message. Exhibition location, research, and intentions towards the viewer were also discussed.

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I strongly recommend the work of my co-speaker Emily Nachison. Please visit her website here: 

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