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New Work heading to NYC

'vertical knot' colored pencil on paper 6.5" x 8"

'double coil' colored pencil on paper, 6.5" x 8"

'melded arch' watercolor on paper 8" x 8"
'henge' watercolor on paper 8" x 8"
Two different, small series of mine are to be included in an upcoming show in New York; 'Connections' curated by Jess Rees at Cuchifritos Gallery. (More details regarding the show will follow soon! In the meantime you can visit the gallery's website here: )

The first body of work includes 'Vertical Knot' and 'Double Coil' as seen above. They are simply executed using black colored pencil on Italian cotton rag paper, depicting the tousled yet graceful forms of paper sculptures. These images are not based on any references- my intention to move through drawings impulsively being greater than my desire to reconstruct reality.

The second body of work showcases three 8" x 8" watercolor drawings. The stripped timber is stacked and melded together in ways not seen in reality, the resultant energy of the subjects being stoic and otherworldly. Pieces such as 'Henge' and 'Timber Arch' are intended to reflect the mystery and the use of natural resources.

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