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'Paper Coil' series for Meanderboard

 “Paper Coil Series” Colored pencil on paper, 6x8in. each.

In order from left to right, top row down:  “Peak Drape”, “Bisected Knot”, “Slumped Coil”, 
“Tri-folded Drape”, “Cinched Coil”, “Standing Knot”, “Bisected Plume”,
“Folded Coil”, “Windowed Knot”

Each of these small studies is taken directly from imagination- a material somewhere between paper, plastic, and clay is hypothetically subjected to a variety of daily emotions. Their folds, bends, and shadows map reactions from these experiences. The black planes constrict or support, highlight or censor, depending on the needs of the subjects.

'Paper Coils' act as quiet diary pages, or subtle self-portraits.

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