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'The Evidence Project'

I was recently invited to participate in an international project being conducted by Ciara Stuwig, the South African artist and curator. Her most recent venture 'The Evidence Project' identifies parallels between art-making detritus and the element's left behind in illicit actions.

Her description is as follows: "Physical evidence can be defined as any object or collection of objects that can establish that an act, such as a crime, has been committed or can provide a link between and act and its perpetrator. In this case, the act is a positive, creative one. The evidence project’s purpose is to gather, analyse and interpret evidence gathered."

You can see the extent of her project here:
You can see my contribution here:

After completing 'Inward and Over' for 'Meanderboard', I was asked to submit the debris from production.
Here are screenshots Stuwig's online documentation of the pencil shavings she received from me.

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